North East & North Cumbria AHSN

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Our vision is of the North East and Cumbria AHSN as a collegiate, inclusive and productive partnership in which the Members of the Network* are collectively committed to improving both the health and economic prosperity of its region through innovation, research and dissemination of knowledge. 


We believe that: - 

Higher quality care delivery will improve the health of the population through better services and innovative interventions; 

Improving the quality of care and participation in research is best facilitated through having access to, and acting upon, information of the highest quality; 

Effective collaborations between Universities, Health and Industry will increase the volume and speed of knowledge sharing across the Network and will help transmit the best ideas and experience between organisations; 

The creation of new knowledge, medicines, and products will, in partnership with industry, create wealth for the area; and 

Involving patients and the public in the work of the AHSN will make it more effective, more relevant and more likely to succeed.