Central Surrey Health


CSH Surrey is an award winning community healthcare provider where strong partnerships – inside and out – and motivated co-owners drive the delivery of better care. It is a values-driven, people business with a passion for quality and innovation. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, CSH Surrey exists to benefit its local communities and any surplus is re-invested back into the business.

Our vision is to be a pioneering and innovative organisation that empowers co-owners to consistently deliver exceptional care for a healthier community. CSH Surrey is ambitious in the quality of care it delivers – which is at the heart of all it does. To do this it listens and responds, continually improves, leads the way and employs a motivated team. By listening, responding and working together with partners and each other, CSH Surrey continues to deliver ever better patient care and benefits to its wider community. Better healthcare together.

89% Felt that care and treatment was tailored to their individual needs
93% Felt they were given the support 93 to manage their own health needs
98% Felt the practitioners treated them as individuals
98% Felt they were treated with dignity