Greater Manchester AHSN



Greater Manchester is already known as an innovative region where research, education, public health, care providers and commissioners of health and social care work together towards a shared purpose to improve the health and well-being of our population and the patients we serve.

Yet we also know that much more can be done. Health outcomes are among the worst in the country, worklessness prevails and 25% of children live in families who live in poverty. Our generation is the generation with an opportunity to make a step change. The challenge of improving services while containing and reducing costs is real and the untapped potential of industry partnerships is ripe for harvesting. In order to deliver together, we need a shared purpose and organised approach.

The AHSN is not a replacement for existing or emerging bodies. It is an opportunity to deliver a small number of highly impactful changes together which will disrupt the status quo, engage the cynics and demonstrate the potential of this collective action. Innovation Health and Wealth sets a challenging ambition for the NHS to act differently. To think about how a coherent regional approach from the academic public and private sector could yield a step change in healthcare services and wealth. We can do more than this and we should. 

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