Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Queen Victoria Hospital is a specialist NHS hospital providing life-changing reconstructive surgery, burns care and rehabilitation services for people across the South of England.

Our world-leading clinical teams also treat common conditions of the hands, eyes, skin and teeth for the people of East Grinstead and the surrounding area. In addition we provide a minor injuries unit, expert therapies and a sleep service.
We are a centre of excellence, with an international reputation for pioneering advanced techniques and treatments. Everything we do is informed by our passion for providing the highest quality care, the best clinical outcomes and a safe and positive patient experience.

9.6/10 Respect and dignity
9.0/10 Overall view of inpatients services
1.3/10 Patients views about the quality of the care
4.2/10 Information on complaints


9.3/10 Answers to questions
9.5/10 Confidence and trust
9.4/10 Acknowledging patients
9.3/10 Enough nurses


9.3/10 Understandable answers
9.4/10 Felt confidence and trust from doctors
9.1/10 Acknowledging patients