Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


The Royal Surrey County Hospital is a leading General Hospital and specialist tertiary centre for cancer, Oral and Maxillo-facial surgery and pathology.  The hospital serves a population of 320,000 for emergency and general hospital services and is the lead specialist centre for cancer patients in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, serving a population of 1.2 million. 

Our annual income is £257 million and we have 527 beds and 14 operating theatres.  We employ approximately 3,000 staff, making us the second largest employer in Guildford.  We have very close links with the University of Surrey and have an extensive education, training and research portfolio. 

8.8/10 Respect and dignity
7.6/10 Overall view of inpatient services
1.5/10 Overall view of inpatient services
1.4/10 Information about complaints


8.0/10 Answers to questions
8.3/10 Confidence and trust
9.1/10 Acknowledging patients
7.2/10 Enough nurses


A&E attendances 74,463
Total outpatient attendances 276,688
Total elective spells 37,279
Total emergency spells 27,084